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Which is the right course for me?

My courses span a wide range of topics and expertise levels.

If you’re just getting started with Flutter and Dart is your first programming language, I suggest taking my Dart course before moving to the more advanced content.

If you have already built some Flutter apps, and you’re looking to advance your skills and learn best practices for building scalable apps, I recommend my Flutter Foundations Course.

The Flutter & Firebase Masterclass is the natural extension to the Flutter Foundations course, and the next logical step if you want to build full-stack apps with Flutter & Firebase.

And if you want to spice up your apps and learn about the Flutter built-in animation APIs, you can take my Flutter Animations Masterclass.

Are the courses up to date?

My two best-selling courses have just been updated to the latest Flutter 3.16 release. These are:

Most of the code and videos are up to date. Additionally, I've added extra notes regarding the most recent API changes.

As for my other courses:

  • The Flutter Animations Masterclass was last updated in July 2021. Since then, the Flutter animation APIs have not changed at all, but some of the packages in the course have. In the upcoming weeks, I will revisit this course by updating the code to the latest Flutter version and adding notes about breaking changes.
  • The Dart course has not been updated since Dart 2.15. As such, it’s missing the latest Dart 3.0 features including Records & Patterns. But it’s still a great resource if you’re a beginner and you want to get an in-depth understanding of the language.

As you can imagine, creating new content and keeping old content up to date is very challenging, and I try my best to strike the right balance.

With that said, I’ll set aside some time in December 2023 for course updates. And if you buy my courses today, you’ll get the updates for free as soon as they are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses are in this bundle?

This bundle includes these four courses:

  • Flutter Foundations course
  • Flutter & Firebase Masterclass
  • Flutter Animations Masterclass
  • The Complete Dart Developer Guide

Will this bundle still be available after the Black Friday sale?

Yes, however the price will increase significantly on the 30th of November.

Are future courses included in this bundle?

No. Any new courses I release in the future will have to be purchased separately.

Will I get course updates for free?

Yes. You’ll get free updates for all the courses that you have purchased, either individually or as part of this bundle.

How long are the courses?

Each course contains between 7 and 15 hours of video content. Since the content is quite dense, I expect it will take you longer to complete them.

What if I get stuck? Can I ask questions?

Yes. You can ask questions on the course Q/A or Slack channel. I answer most questions within 24 hours.

Will I get a completion certificate?

Sure do! Once you complete the course, this will be issued to you automatically.

I'm a student / I can't afford the course / I live outside the US/EU / do you support Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)?

Unfortunately, PPP is not supported by my course platform. If you'd like to request a discount, please fill this form.

What if I don't like the courses?

Each course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you're not happy with the course(s), for any reason, you can reach out and I'll issue a full refund.

All you have to do is go to [email protected] and tell me “gimme my money back” and you got it, and in short order. My response time is usually 24 hours.

Do you offer team packages?

Sure thing! I offer team packages at discounted rates.

Email me at [email protected] for all the details.

I have another question!

Sure - email me at [email protected] and I'll reply within 48 hours.