1. Firebase Basics: Introduction


In this first chapter of the course I'll give you an introduction to Firebase, by building a simple full-stack application using the latest Firebase UI packages.

As long as you already know how to build simple apps with Flutter, you should be able to follow along, even if you've never used Firebase before.

Here's what we will cover:

  • Create projects on the Firebase Console and enable features like Firebase Authentication and Cloud Firestore
  • Add Firebase to a Flutter app using the FlutterFire CLI
  • Add and customise an email & password authentication flow with the Firebase UI Auth package
  • How to use GoRouter to redirect users to different pages when the auth state changes
  • Introduction to Cloud Firestore as a NoSQL database
  • CRUD operations
  • Show items using a ListView & separate all our data access logic from the UI code.
  • How to use the FirestoreListView from the Firebase UI Firestore package
  • Data serialization & type-safe model classes
  • Run queries and filter the data that comes from Firestore
  • Basics of data modeling and security rules
  • Working with timestamps, sorting data, and offline mode
  • Pagination and the FirestoreQueryBuilder widget

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