1. Section Intro


In this section, we’ll complete our eCommerce app and deploy it as a Flutter web demo using Firebase Hosting.

The last feature we need to implement is Product Reviews, so we can:

  • see the average review score for each product, along with a list of reviews
  • submit a new review or update an existing one

Along the way, we will:

  • Check out a new starter project and highlight the latest changes
  • Implement a ReviewsRepository class so we can read and write product reviews with Cloud Firestore
  • Talk about aggregate queries such as COUNT, SUM, AVG
  • Implement a Cloud Function trigger that calculates the average review score and writes it to Cloud Firestore, so the Flutter app can read it using realtime updates
  • Build the Flutter web app in release mode and deploy it with Firebase Hosting
  • Update the CORS policy for the Firebase Storage bucket, so the product images load correctly on Flutter web

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